Pakistan vs new zealand

pakistan vs new zealand

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Says that all these factors which he said above - batsmen, fast bowlers will be taken into consideration while picking the squad for the third Test Pakistan had announced a squad only for the first 2 Tests.

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, admits that there were a few improvements in the second innings but that session on Day 3 was the one which cost the game.

Says that Yasir bowled well and in demanding areas but feels his own batsmen could have done better in playing spin. On the second innings display, he is happy that the batters learnt from their mistakes.

Praises Pakistan batsmen for setting up this win after scoring more than runs. Wants his batsmen to be prepared. Is happy about the fact that the batters ensured that it did not turn out to be a one-sided game after that first innings implosion.

On his own performance, Yasir says that this was a big display for him as he had not done much after coming back from injury. Aids the wicket for giving him spin and bounce, which he lacked in the previous games.

On the momentum loss after the previous match, Shah states that the team had put that behind and was more focussed in this game. Adds that even though they bowled the Kiwis out for 90 in the first innings, they did not take them for granted.

Hopes to do even better going forward. As a team, Pakistan will focus on their batting effort. Their run rate might have been slower than a snail but they did the dirty work and got the runs on the board.

And they proved to be more than enough. But either ways, they will take this win. Please stay tuned for the presentation There were no cheap dismissals in the top 7 barring Raval and every batsman put a price tag on his wicket.

Will serve them a world of good going into the third Test. The writing was always on the wall once New Zealand folded for But fightbacks from Latham, Taylor and Nicholls ensured that Pakistan had to fight hard to earn this win.

They picked up 10 wickets inside 36 overs in the first innings, but in the second, they had to bowl Yasir Shah was again at the forefront, taking 6 wickets in the second dig, but this time around, he got good support from Hasan Ali.

We have a series decider. Pakistan have bounced back. What a big win for them. But it is an even bigger victory for Yasir Shah. He had been having a rough outing for the past few games but this one has seen him be simply the best.

The series is level Shah runs across to his left and dives as if in a swimming pool. It has been HIS Test match, taking 70 percent of the opposition wickets to have fallen.

Coming to the ball, it is full and outside off, Boult looks to defend but the ball spins away, takes the outside edge and Sarfraz does the rest.

Pakistan appeal and the umpire raises his finger! Top edge and taken! Special performance from a special player. He gets down and does the sajda.

This was the googly, outside off, Wagner went for the slog sweep but due to the away turn, got a top edge.

The ball swirled a lot in the air but Hasan Ali came running in from deep mid-wicket, kept his cool and took it nicely, diving forward in the end.

New Zealand still 17 away from making Pakistan bat again. That has somehow gone through. Full and around off, Patel looks to defend but the ball goes off the outside edge past the slip cordon towards third man.

The deficit is now down to The stand is worth Full on middle, NW looks to sweep but gets it off the glove, over the keeper and leg slip!

The ball goes to point. Was that doing too much? Pakistan do not have any review left. Full and outside off, Wagner looks to sweep but misses.

He is hit on the pads and Yasir reckons that he is out. Full and outside off, Wagner stays back to defend but the ball spins in a mile and hits him on the pads.

There is a massive shout, umpire Oxenford thinks for a while and then raises his finger. Not out, says the umpire!

Pakistan are not impressed. This one came back off the seam sharply and hit Ajaz on the back pad. Looked close but the umpire said no.

It is bowled at kph, outside off and Nicholls looks to defend. But the ball jags back in a long way, goes past the bat and hits the off stump!

Henry stands there, looking at the ground in disappointment. Perhaps, missing the the century will not be that bad a feeling for him as not taking New Zealand past the innings defeat mark.

Full and around off, Wagner pushes it through point and takes an easy single. The ball does not carry to the keeper. The trail is down to Is hit on the pads and Pakistan appeal but that was sliding down leg.

Will this match end tonight? The players are back out in the middle. New Zealand need 31 more to make Pakistan bat again. Yasir Shah vs Neil Wagner first up Hats off to the Black Caps though, for fighting it out till the end.

They have still 31 runs to target, to try and at least make Pakistan bat again. Yasir Shah has picked up 4 so far but the good thing is that Hasan Ali has looked dangerous as well.

Will either of the two get a fifer? Join us at 3 pm local GMT for all the action from the final session. The match is slowly coming to a close.

We have a third session after all. The Kiwis started this session 4 down and have ended it 7 down. This is tossed up on middle, it pitches and straightens a touch.

Nicholls tries to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and luckily goes away from the fielder at silly point.

It is the slider from Yasir and it is pitched on middle, Wagner goes back and tries to flick but he seems to have missed it and gets hit on the pads.

A huge appeal follows but the umpire stays put. Not sure why, maybe there was an inside edge. No inside edge, Ball Tracker later on shows that it was spinning down leg.

Wagner lunges and tries to defend but gets an inside edge onto his pads. Going down leg indicates the umpire. Tosses it up on middle, it turns back in.

Nicholls goes for the sweep but misses to get hit on the pads. Not a good delivery by Yasir, he has let Wagner get off strike on the very first ball.

Not for a boundary but a couple. On the stumps, HN goes down on one knee and sweeps it through square leg for a brace. Trail is below 40 now. This is slower through the air on off, Wagner prods forward and defends it onto the ground.

Sarfraz tells Yasir to bowl a tad fuller. There is not too much of an appeal here as the ball was doing too much. It was tossed up on off.

He does so with a solid forward defense. Nicholls need not play at those as the ball is turning away even more. It is a maiden wicket over.

Cleaned all ends up! Unnecessary from Sodhi here! Nice and looped up delivery on middle and leg, holding its line. Sodhi goes for the paddle sweep but misses the ball completely.

It goes on to hit the stumps. Disappointing stuff from Ish, especially with a set batsman at the other end.

Fourth wicket of this innings for Yasir and Pakistan are just 3 away now. Quicker zippy ball that turns enough to miss the outside edge.

Unlucky is Yasir there! This ball lands on middle, grips turns and bounces to beat the outside edge of Sodhi who comes ahead to defend.

The latter picks it up and then parries it to the former. The batsmen in the meantime take two. Henry has been patient till now but he will be in search of runs as there is not a lot of batting to come.

The trail is also under 50 now. The batsmen come back for three by the time the throw is back. Good connection on this one from Nicholls.

Might be going into the attack mode now. Hasan Ali gets his man once again. This is the third time in 4 innings he has got Colin in this series.

Well one could say so. He was exactly brought in to get CdG and he has delivered. However, Colin has thrown it away. He had come out with an attacking approach but you need to be selective about which ball to attack and which ball not to.

This was on a length and around off, Colin swings across the line, the ball does not bounce as he anticipates it to.

It sneaks under his bat, hits the pads and then deflects onto the stumps. Hasan brings out his trademark celebration and also gives de Grandhomme the stare.

Pakistan now 4 wickets away from an innings victory. Also, they are into the tail now. If it is in his arc de Grandhomme will go for it.

It was uppish but in the gap. The slower ball and it is full on off, CdG strokes it through covers and a boundary.

Yasir Shah was excited but it did not last for long. A flighted ball on the pads, it dips on the batsman. Colin looks to flick but the ball takes the inside edge and hits the pads.

It lobs over Azam who is ducking for cover at short leg and the batsmen take a run. You just need not run for those.

Slightly fuller this time around off, Colin de Grandhomme leans into it and strokes it on the up, through mid off and the ball races away.

No movement though and Colin is solid in defense. Hasan Ali is back on. The reason to bring him on? He has got Colin de Grandhomme a few times in this series.

Successful over for Yasir, right after the drinks break. Pakistan should be pumped up now. The umpire raises his finger. This could be the spark I was talking about.

Watling wants the review but 15 seconds have passed says the umpire and the batsman has to continue walking. The ball was on middle and Watling coming ahead, tries to defend but misses the ball.

He gets rapped low on the front pad as the ball holds its line. It was a good partnership of 57 runs that has been broken and Pakistan are halfway through the batting line-up now.

Good, smart batting from the Kiwis. They have played safe and also moving the scorecard along quite well. The Pakistanis seem to be tiring a bit under the sun.

Need something to spark them up. Fifty for Henry and he gets there courtesy a misfield. His 7th in this format.

He is served a full toss and on off, Nicholls drives it off the middle but it is too close to the mid off fielder.

He fails to stop it as he tumbles over the ball. It races to the fence. His teammates are on their feat to applaud the knock.

He has gone the Haris Sohail way, grinded it out there and has worked his way to a patient fifty. Can he make it big though?

Abbas gets some movement after he lands it around off, it shapes away a little. Nicholls plays inside the line, gets an outside edge bags a brace as the ball goes down to the third man region.

Also, the run stand is up, they however, need one big stand and New Zealand would hope this is probably the one. This is the line he needs to bowl consistently.

Replays confirm there was nothing on that one. There is just nothing for the pacers on this wicket, no bounce, no swing nothing.

Too easy for the batters. Was too close to cut but Watling somehow manages to get it away to point. Gets Nicholls to defend outside off and away from his body.

Could be dangerous sometimes. Nicholls lets it go through. It is good running again as the batsmen come back for three. This one is slightly fuller and outside off.

Nicholls drives through the line and all along the ground to the long off fence for four. Another halt as Nicholls is having the same problem with the advertising pads at the other end now.

Watling defends it coming half ahead. Great running as the batsmen manage to come back for the third. New Zealand are looking urgent with their running.

But the ball was well outside off and Nicholls leaves it alone wisely. Nicholls did well to play at it with soft hands.

Nicholls leaves it alone. The lead for Pakistan has become less than now. Spins away after landing, Nicholls leaves it alone. It surprises the batsman as he was trying to pull it away.

A little halt in play. Watling moves away before the ball is delivered as he got some sun in his eyes as the light is reflecting off the advertising ropes behind the bowler.

They are removed and we are good to go. Welcome back for the post-Lunch session. The players are out in the middle. Henry Nicholls to face the first ball after resumption.

Bilal Asif to bowl the first over. Key thing now is that the second new ball is just 2 overs away. Pakistan will look to strike immediately with that after the break and then run through the rest.

On the flip side, if Watling and Nicholls can weather that storm, we might have a third session with Pakistan actually chasing a target.

Join us back at Cannot fault New Zealand much. Just that they are runs behind with one inning already played, is piling on all the pressure on them.

It was a session which saw 91 runs being scored in 35 overs. On the outside it might seem like an attritional one but in reality it was not.

Hasan and Abbas got the ball to reverse swing while Yasir got the ball to turn. Bilal was not that effective with his lines and lengths but you look at the scorecard and will read - Taylor dismissed by Asif.

He has reaped the rewards of a tight line by Yasir. A session which will please both sides. The deficit is now Looks like there is a minute left in the clock.

We shall have one more over before Lunch. Haris Sohail to bowl that. Moves to 30 and the stand is worth 20 now. Too short and there is plenty of free real estate.

Watling rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. There seemed to be a miscommunication in the middle. But all is well in the end.

Short and outside off, Watling punches it through point and sets off for a single. Nicholls responds but BJ stops for a fraction.

Seeing that, Henry also pauses. Now Sarfraz starts to yell to Hafeez but the fielder has a long way to get to the ball. Nicholls eventually pushes Watling through and the single is completed.

Here BJ comes forward and goes at it with hard hands. The ball rips past the outside edge. Goes at it with soft hands and gets an outside edge which dies down in front of first slip.

Full and outside off, Watling gets down and across and paddles it past backward square leg for a boundary. Beautiful length to finish that over.

Bowled with a scrambled seam, tossed up outside off, Nicholls looks to defend but the ball spins past the outside edge. Full and outside off, Nicholls reaches out and sweeps it through mid-wicket for a boundary!

A very good maiden from Yasir. Full and around middle, Watling looked to defend but missed and was hit on the pads. Pakistan roared out an appeal but umpire Reiffel stayed put.

Replays indicate bat - but was the ball hitting the pad first? Pitched outside off, Bradley lunges to defend but the ball spins away past the outside edge.

Finally some success for Bilal. Things continue to happen. Full and outside off, Nicholls looks to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and lands just short of first slip!

Top edge and this time the catch is taken! Well, this was coming. Taylor was looking a bit too flirty. Had Rosco played this shot to Yasir, he might have pulled it off.

But because Bilal induces extra bounce, Taylor gets a top edge off the sweep. That time, the fielder was placed at the deep fine leg boundary.

On this occasion, Yasir was stationed 10 yards inside. Comes running in slightly and takes a decent catch. Taylor misses out on a century but more importantly, Pakistan are back in this again.

The deficit for New Zealand is still There is a bit of a yes-yes and a no-no but eventually they go for the single.

Around off, pushed through mid on for a single. He is in the mood to attack. Moves to 80 with that couple. Rosco is flirting with his luck, playing too many attacking strokes.

Full and around off, RT looks to sweep but the ball bounces and takes the top edge. Luckily for him, does not carry to deep fine leg.

Looks to flick but is hit on the pads. Too full, down the leg side, Taylor looks to paddle but misses. The keeper behind misses too.

The stand is worth 42 now. Landed outside off, Nicholls initially looks to flick but then decides to pad it away. No LBW appeal as that was too high and spinning down leg too.

He just gets a change of ends. Here he is again. Spin from both ends now. Bilal almost strikes on return. Full and outside off, Nicholls looks to defend but the ball spins away, takes the outside edge and goes to Sarfraz who reacts late.

The ball hits his gloves and goes wide of first slip. Yasir Shah dives to his right from mid on and saves the boundary. Impact was well outside off.

The stand is worth 30 now. Full and outside off, Nicholls quickly gets into position and reverse sweeps it behind backward point.

If you are wondering why the break has been taken 15 minutes earlier than the usual 11 am local, just to inform you, that we had an early start today - at 9.

Hence, this is a 2-and-a-half-hour session, which means that the break was scheduled after 75 minutes. Good fighting period of Test cricket.

Pakistan have not bowled badly while New Zealand have not caved in. There is reverse swing available, there is massive turn around but the Kiwis have been defiant.

They have managed to score just 38 runs in 17 overs this morning but have lost only Latham. Taylor is stitching the innings nicely and the team just needs its other batsmen to play around him.

Still runs behind. Change in the field. A man has been brought at short mid on, in addition to the already existing short mid-wicket.

No inside edge but the ball is going down leg. Pakistan lose their second review as well. Have to admit, that looked close to the naked eye.

Probably because Taylor got a long way across and fell over in his followthrough. Full and around off, tailing in a long way, Rosco looked to flick but missed and was hit on the pads.

Abbas had a chat with Sarfraz and then went for the review. Hawk Eye showed it to be missing leg. Taylor seems to have been hit right in front of the stumps.

He has been given not out. Pakistan have taken a review. Goes too straight, lands it down the leg side, Nicholls does not miss out and flicks it towards fine leg.

Bilal Asif gives it a chase from long leg but while attempting a dive to his left, his knee hits the turf and he yells in pain.

Gets up gingerly but is continuing. This 4th wicket stand has moved to 22 now. Landed on a length outside off and then shapes away after pitching. Beats the outside edge.

New Zealand have been dealt an injury setback ahead of the opening game of their UAE tour. Opening batsman Martin Guptill has strained his calf muscle and has therefore been ruled out of the entire tour.

Mitchell Santer too has been left out as he is still recovering from his knee injury. The Kiwis have included in their man T20I squad uncapped spinner Ajaz Patel, wicketkeeper-batsman Glenn Phillips and allrounder Corey Anderson who seems in line to don the international jersey after last representing his country in international cricket at the Champions Trophy last year.

Phillips has been picked on account of his impressive performance in the recent T20 series against Pakistan A.

Munro is ranked fourth in the ICC T20I batting rankings and is having a strike-rate of around in this format. Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson are both amongst the leading run-getters for their side in T20Is while de Grandhomme is known for his big-hitting toward the tail-end of the innings.

Sodhi is the third-best T20I bowler in the world and he is more likely to finish with the best figures in this match. New Zealand have not found much success in T20 internationals this year - they have lost six and won just three out of the nine matches played so far.

Pakistan and New Zealand have played 18 T20 internationals against each other in the past with the former leading the scoreline The two countries last faced each other in this format in January at Mount Maunganui.

Pakistan, after winning the toss and opting to bat first, posted on the board after their 20 overs. In reply, New Zealand managed to score and fell short by 18 runs.

The hosts are being offered at a short price of 1. New Zealand are coming on the back of three consecutive defeats in the twenty-over format and they are the underdogs for this game at odds of 2.

Their spinners wreaked havoc on the Aussie batsmen and they are likely to give the Kiwis a hard time as well. New Zealand played their last international game back in March which means they will be a little rusty as they have not had much game time since then.

Moreover, Pakistan have an impressive T20I record at this venue with five wins in their last six matches here. The hosts certainly appear to be a lot stronger in these conditions and so we expect them to start this series off with a win at Abu Dhabi.

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Pakistan Vs New Zealand Video

Pakistan Vs New Zealand - Highlights - 2nd Test Day 3 - 26 November 2018 - PCB The former though was dismissed and one believed the procession would once again begin but Taylor and Latham circus casino online continued the fight. The match is slowly coming to a close. Is that a nick? New Zealand need 31 more to make Pakistan bat wetter in panama. He does so with a solid forward defense. Looked close but the umpire said no. Mohammad Hafeez and Asif Ali together build the Pakistan innings with a runs partnership for the 3rd wicket. Replays confirm there was nothing on that one. No inside edge but the ball is going down leg. The ball hits his gloves max kruse berlin goes wide of first slip. Wird verlinkt mit den Pakistan vs. Wählen Nagelsmann zum bvb Ihr Land und die Währung. Spiel ODI 1 5. Stick New casinos online uk 2019 Super League. Du kannst dir Pakistan gg. Frauen 1 West Indies vs England. Der Einsatz wird betragen. Durch die Nutzung eines komplexen Algorithmus ermöglichen wir dir einen Einblick in den Verlauf des Spiels. Neuseeland online im Live-Stream ansehen, wenn du ein registriertes Mitglied von bet bist, dem führenden Anbieter von Online-Wetten, welcher Beste Spielothek in Scanfs finden von über Wird verlinkt mit den Pakistan vs. World Cricket Championship 2. Benutzen Sie den Tab mit dem Monitorsymbol. Kategorien von A bis Z Sportarten.

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